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Digital Resources

Government Document Archives

Homeland Security Digital Library 

Excellent database of current and historical documents managed by the Naval Postgraduate School.

National Emergency Training Center Library

Repository library for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Many Civil Defense documents are available online.

Related Museums

Atomic Testing Museum

Focuses on the history of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, located in Las Vegas, NV.

Canadian Civil Defence Museum and Archives

Primarily based out of the former CFS Alsask site, focused on the Canadian Civil Defence program and the Emergency Measures Organization.

National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

Located outside of Kirtland AFB, NM and features a wide array of artifacts and exhibits relating to nuclear science.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities Museum of Radiation and Radioactivity

Features a assortment of Civil Defense and other radiological instruments with their associated histories in an online format.

Nonprofit Organizations

The American Civil Defense Association

Formed in 1962, the original Civil Defense advocacy organization. The Journal of Civil Defense, originally entited SURVIVE!, has been published continuously since 1968. The journal archives are available online with all issues.

Private Collections

Eric Green's Cold War Era Civil Defense Museum

One of the original Internet-based sources of information on the Civil Defense program with a variety of artifacts and documents.

Eric Laskowski's Michigan Civil Defense Museum

Features a photographic collection of artifacts and documents focused on Michigan.

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